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Katty Ros

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Hey hey! πŸ™‚ Walking Motion Blur effect is something that attracts you?
Today I’m gonna share with you how to create a walking motion blur effect in Photoshop only in a few minutes and reach the best results!

Add motion blur on photos become a very popular art effect nowadays, which adds a touch of reality and movement to the photography. BUT how to add motion blur to a photo AFTER you took it, without setting up fancy camera settings combinations? πŸ™‚ Well, in this case, Photoshop super powers come on the rescue!

So if you wonder how to create motion effect in photoshop – this tutorial will give you a step-by-step instruction! Create movement in photoshop is not as easy as you might imagine, but when you own different techniques and use these in right time and place – everything becomes easy and fun! πŸ™‚

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Okay, no more words! Let’s do some editing!


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