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Hello! 🙂 Happy to see you on this new video about Photo manipulation with Adobe Firefly! Today we will discover how to use adobe firefly, why adobe ai firefly works and why you will need to use Photoshop, even after such a super popular AI Mirace from Adobe heh


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🕔TIMECODES (for your comfortable navigation)

00:00 Intro
00:16 How to open Adobe Firefly Page
00:26 How to use Adobe Firefly Generative Fill
00:35 How to access Adobe Firefly? Answer: be Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriber
00:58 How to use Generative Fill in Photoshop Beta
01:11 Photo manipulation with Adobe Firefly: How to Remove Background in Adobe Firefly
01:40 How to upload more backgrounds in Adobe Firefly Generative Fill
02:26 How to remove defects on photo after Adobe Firefly
02:35 How to add new elements on the photo in Adobe Firefly
03:07 how to download photo from Adobe Firefly
03:21 How to improve photo in Photoshop after Adobe Firefly
03:45 How to use Object Selection tool in Photoshop
03:59 How to select hair with Select and Mask button in Photoshop
04:30 how to use the Stamp tool in Photoshop
04:40 how to remove watermark from Adobe Firefly in Photoshop
05:16 Get Adobe Firefly
05:33 Bloopers / Behind Scenes

Probably you have heard a million times “adobe firefly ai” but still never had a chance to actually use it and understand what is it about? Well, the same was about me a few months ago ( I still think I dove into this topic a bit later than other creators lol) But, I explored firefly adobe and you know what? Fell in love with it! It is easy in understanding, quick in performance ( if you have good internet of course), and impressive with the results!

Important moment: in this adobe firefly tutorial I explore one of the features of Adobe Firefly, which is Photoshop Generative Fill. but you can be sure to visit the website and explore all the other amazing opportunities that adobe firefly beta gives us!

Adobe Firefly allows you to use Ai generative Fill from Photoshop Beta – without actually having Photoshop installed on your computer. So basically, this is quite the same photo manipulation opportunities, only in a more simple and user-friendly way.

This adobe firefly video today will open for you what editing results you may reach, using AI Adobe tool. We will dive a bit into adobe firefly review, but besides this – will use Photoshop Manipulation help, to reach the best results.

So if you are looking for Firefly tutorial, want to dive deeper into generative ai and photoshop ai ( I think nowadays there is no creator who would not want ? lol) this Photoshop manipulation tutorial is exactly for you! The video will be also useful if you are looking for photo manipulation Photoshop tutorial, photo manipulation Photoshop, or adobe firefly beta.

The only thing left – launch your browser and lets explore Adobefirefly together!
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have a great watching time!
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Katty Ros

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