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Looking for a Lightroom classic masking tutorial for beginners? In this video I shared an easy editing trick with masks lightroom classic – that will improve your photos and help you to manipulate as the background, as the models on the photo!

Look no further!
In this video I shared a little editing trick using Lightroom masks, that will help your models pop-up on the photo! This lightroom classic video will open for you possibilities of Lightroom object masking, show a few Lightroom hacks and Lightroom keyboard shortcuts, that you would want to use in your editing process!

Well, I personally use these all the time lol


▶️You can download Lightroom Classic here:

▶️You can download Photoshop here:

▶️Download my fave package ( Photoshop + Lightroom + Lightroom Classic):

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🕔TIMECODES (for your comfortable navigation)

00:00 Intro
00:15 Lightroom VS Lightroom Classic
00:30 Lightroom Hack: How to speed up the editing process
00:42 Build Smart Previews in Lightroom Classic
01:20 Subject Selection Mask in Lightroom Classic
01:40 Lightroom Object Masking tip
01:53 Lightroom new subject mask how to “Add”
02:06 Lightroom new subject mask how to “Subtract”
02:33 How to Duplicate and Invert Mask | How to Select Background
03:23 Lightroom Portrait Masking: Smooth and Natural skin retouching
03:32 Lightroom Classic Masking Tutorial | Work with models;
04:12 Lightroom keyboard shortcuts to check Before/ After ;
04:36 Christmas Lights with Lightroom Masking


if you wish to dive deeper in Lightroom Classic editing, dont forget to check these videos:

Add Christmas Lights on Photo with Lightroom Classic:

Lightroom Classic always surprises editors and photographers with new editing features – and new masking in Lightroom was exactly the feature that everyone waited for! How to select automatically objects in Lightroom Classic, how to make adjustments to different areas separately, lightroom person masking, easy and fast lightroom portrait masking, how in one click make a Lightroom sky mask and soooooo many more! All this becomes possible with lightroom new masking settings!

As you understand, masking in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic is a powerful tool that allows you to selectively edit specific areas of your photos. Today, we will explore a few different masking techniques, learn the method of inverting masks in lightroom, check how to use the new masking in lightroom for getting the best results.

So, grab your keyboard, launch up Lightroom Classic, and get ready to enhance your editing skills.
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Wish you a great watching time!
Katty Ros

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