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Katty Ros

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Hello, guys! Katty is here! Welcome on new Lightroom Classic Tutorial 2023, where I’m going to show you, how to add realistic and magic Christmas lights on the photo by using Lightroom Classic masks!

Lightroom Classic 2023 version got many cool new features – and one of these features is a new lightroom masks section, which allows us to make any type of masking actions, as lightroom person masking, lightroom background masking, and lightroom object masking – and improve our editing results! These masks can work separately or together in the mix…. and believe me, with these, you can create really amazing photos!

Adobe Lightroom Classis still doesn’t allow us to globally change things on the photos ( as Photoshop for example) , but yet! it allows us to add a touch of something magical and unique! In this Lightroom classic tutorial, I shared with you exactly such magical transformation! So if you still did not download Lightroom 2023 ( and lightroom classic 2023, which goes in the package heh) I advise you to rush! That will keep you in touch with the new Lightroom update, will allow you to use lightroom new masking features, and you will simply enjoy your editing process!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay! I can’t wait to know your thoughts about this amazing Christmas atmosphere on the photo! Don’t waste the time, start to watch! Oh! let me know in the comments section, what next tutorial you would like to see?


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