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Looking for how to make a GIF? Welcome on the new Photoshop tutorial, where I will show you how to make animated gif from a series of photos, that can be a great Instagram Reel idea for your future video!

🕔TIMECODES (for your comfortable navigation)

00:00 Intro
00:22 Follow me Step-by-Step
00:26 Why you need Lightroom Classic for GIF creation
00:48 How to open photos as layers in Photoshop
01:30 Get Photoshop Free trial & My Fave Editing pack!
01:46 How to make gif from photos in Photoshop with Timeline View
02:03 How to make a gif in Photoshop step-by-step guide
02:21 Photoshop hack: why you need Reverse Frames action
02:49 How to set up the duration for each photo in GIF in Photoshop
03:45 Prepare gif in photoshop for instagram
04:28 Photoshop GIF export best quality settings
04:38 Best dimensions for Instagram Reel

To make a GIF – is an easy and quick process, if you know all steps and little tricks. In this GIF tutorial I will share with you how having still images, that were shot consistently – you can create a high-quality video ( I call it an animated GIF, as this is not a 100% video lol)
And believe me – when I write HIGH – QUALITY I really mean it, as after uploading this video on Instagram, you will be surprised with the quality of the photos in it! (of course if originally your photos were THAT good quality 🙂

So, the easy way to create a gif actually goes in two stages.
And you will not need any advanced and profi editing skills for it!
For stage#1 we will use Lightroom Classic, that will allow us to apply ONE preset on all needed photos, and in this way prepare photos for the future merge into one video.
For Stage#2 we will use Photoshop, as its features allow us to create simple animations ( sometimes even not that simple!) and keep great quality of the final results!

GIF animation in Photoshop will take the most of time – but if you will follow me and repeat all step-by-step in 5 minutes from NOW you will know how to make a gif from still images in Photoshop, how to save gif in Photoshop, how to prepare GIF for publishing in Instagram and you will be actually ready to publish the video on Instagram.

Also, this tutorial is useful if you are looking for how to make animated gif in Photoshop, how to make a gif in Photoshop, animated gif in Photoshop, animated gif photoshop cc and how to make an animated gif.

I hope you will have joy learning this editing trick with me!
let me know with your thumbs up and comments down below!
Have a great watching time!


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