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Hey, photographers! How often you dream to remove objects in ONE SECOND, without any headache and wasting time on difficult techniques? Today I will prove you, remove objects in Photoshop can be quick, literally in A SECOND! Be sure you updated your Photoshop version – let’s dive into it!


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🕔TIMECODES (for your comfortable navigation)

00:00 New Update in Photoshop 2023
00:25 How to remove small objects/subjects on the photo
00:36 How to remove people on the background
00:55 How to add new areas to the existing selection
1:08 Select and Content-Aware Fill Shortcuts
01:28 How to remove large objects in photoshop


Probably you know, that Photoshop own a huge veriaty of tools, that help us to reach the final goal: remove objects or subjects, that seem distracting. Healing brush tool, clone stamp tool, content-aware fill and many more!
But today, I will open for you a BRAND NEW PHOTOSHOP FEATURE, that was released in May 2023 and known as delete and fill selection (content-aware fill ). This simple and automatic feature can remove object from photo (or subject) in a second and does not require your knowlege in the process. That is why this how to remove objects in photoshop tutorial, will be useful for beginners.

This modified photoshop content aware fill feature works as remove tool and as a selection tool, that allow to automatically select the needed object / subject, and then FILL the selected area with photoshop content aware (or in simple words: with a similar background). It works even if you wish remove large objects in photoshop – the example i shared in this video.

So if you are looking for how to remove unwanted objects in photos,
photoshop how to remove unwanted objects, how to remove objects or how to remove unwanted object in photoshop, this photoshop tutorial for beginners is exactly what you need!

Have a pleasant watching time!


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