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Hello, photography lovers! In this video, I’m excited to share with you how to reach Smooth and Natural skin retouching in Lightroom Classic 2023! We’ll be using Adobe Lightroom Classic 2023 version, which comes with some exciting Lightroom updates!


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🕔TIMECODES (for your comfortable navigation)

00:00 Intro
00:30 RAW Portrait Photos for Practice in Google
00:52 How to Remove Pimples with Lightroom Classic
01:02 How to use Heal Tool in Lightroom Classic
02:39 Lightroom ShortCut to check Before/After Editing
02:48 How to Add Natural Makeup in Lightroom Classic
02:59 How to use Masking in Lightroom Classic
03:34 Makeup Basics of Contouring
04:00 Lightroom Makeup Editing
05:47 Before / After Editing of Lightroom Classic portrait retouching

In this tutorial, we’ll dive deep into how to mask in Lightroom Classic for precise Portrait Retouching. We’ll be covering everything from Portrait Retouch basics to more advanced techniques like “Removing pimples from photo and applying natural makeup.

This tutorial will be also useful if you are looking for Lightroom Classic Portrait editing, including Lightroom Classic Skin Retouching, Lightroom Classic Skin Smoothing and Lightroom makeup editing. The Lightroom Classic tips I will share with you – will give your portraits that flawless, natural look.

So, get ready to take your “Portrait Retouching Lightroom” skills to the next level with this super easy tutorial about natural portrait retouching using Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Let’s get started!

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