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Katty Ros

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Hello there!
Welcome on new photoshop tutorial! Today we create the Motion Blur Effect on photography and all this in 1 minute!

I find this Photoshop editing technique is super handy if you don’t know how to add a creative touch to your photos! You probably will agree that adding movement to photos creates a special mood for the shot, which automatically attracts the eyes.
Also, if you are a lover of cinematic storytelling photographs – I am sure this tutorial will be a great addition to your editing backpack 🙂

In 1 minute I will show you how to add a motion blur effect (to be more specific: radial blur effect for portrait ) and at the same time keep your original photo untouched. You will see how easily you can manipulate of creative blur level on your photo, and learn simple steps of adding motion blur to a photo with Photoshop, which is essential in reaching great results.

So if you lost your chance to add motion blur to photos in the process of the photo session – don’t be sad! This editing technique will cheer you and allow you to play with motion blur in Photoshop in all possible ways 🙂

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